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We understand that the most important thing in the functioning of a laboratory is the accuracy and integrity of the results of any diagnostic/testing process. We appreciate that the key to this outcome is the integrity of the samples, the equipment and the conditions under which testing is carried out.

Are you the Chief Scientist or Senior Laboratory Technician?

We understand that you are primarily responsible for ensuring the integrity of tests and results within your laboratory in addition there are also the requirements of the various regulatory authorities to be complied with.

We are acutely aware that temperature and humidity are critical components in the storage of materials and in the management of the test environment. The area of our expertise lies in temperature and humidity monitoring and we are ideally suited to assist you in the management of this area.

How do we do it?

We understand that the main components in the management of temperature and humidity standards of the Test Environment and Controlled Temperature and Cold Chain Storage/Transport are:

  • Temperature/Humidity Mapping
  • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
  • Shipper Validation and Qualification
  • Calibration
  • Validation

Through many years of working in this area we have devised a range of solutions and services which supports the management of these critical areas.

We invite you to explore on this site the greater depth of information provided and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs.