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Case Studies


The customer is a large engineering company which provides a wide variety of solutions to the construction industry


Specific requirements are necessary to install the correct Pressure and Temperature indicators in a manufacturing plant.

The customer sought advice from Rototherm in choosing and sourcing the most appropriate gauges to meet their needs.

Effect of Challenges

The incorrect supply of temperature and pressure indicators may result in the following  :

  • Risk to product safety and quality
  • Risk of non-compliance with Regulatory and Client requirements risk of increased energy costs due to incorrect use of equipment
  • Risk to Employees if HVAC is not installed and maintained correctly
Rototherm’s Approach

During consultation with the customer, Rototherm determined the customer requirements relating to specifications, dial size, gauge casing, sensor type, accuracy, special features and temperature / pressure ranges.  The requirement was for a large quantity of temperature and pressure gauges, suitable to install a HVAC system

What products /services were used

All stainless steal pressure gauges, filled with Silicone for greater temperature extremes were supplied along with, all stainless steal, every-angled temperature gauges, for ease of use and display.

The Outcome

The customer has the appropriate system to fulfill all of their needs helped every step of the way by Rototherm to ensure the correct gauges were supplied.