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The installation of high quality, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems can incur major cost savings for any company.  Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning Systems must be temperature and/or pressure tested and monitored at different stages in their lifecycle for different reasons, some of which are as follows:


 Installation / Commissioning

 To guarantee the correct operation of the system it is necessary to

  • ensure that the boiler is operating safely and at correct pressure.
  • ensure that the water is delivered at safe temperatures and pressure.

On going operation:

To ensure correct operation of the system it is necessary to

  • check water temperature being achieved
  • ensure boiler safety by regular pressure checks
  • check boiler efficiency
  • check temperature of stored and delivered water as part of management of Legionnaires Risk
  • check radiator efficiency
  • check surface temperature of radiators for Health & Safety Compliance

Ventilation & Air conditioning

Air conditioning systems are designed to adjust the current temperature or humidity in an environment. This in itself brings lots of challenges to the HVAC industry.  The most common problems associated with Air Conditioning units are mechanical, then electrical.  Air conditioners must be kept clean at all times

The following are just a couple of industries where air conditioning can play a major part in their success  :

  • Laboratories
  • Data Centres
  • Operating Theatres
  • Cooking & Processing Facilities
  • Industries