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Regulatory Guidelines

The Regulations and Guidelines pertaining to Engineering and HVAC are many and varied. Below are the regulations most relevant to the aspects of the industry in which we would be of assistance.


ISO 9001:2008  Quality Management System  most commonly used in industry



HSE–Health Protection Surveillance Centre (hpsc)
“National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland“- Date: 2009

NDSC National Disease Surveillance Centre
“The Management of Legionnaire’s Disease in Ireland”

United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
“Approved Code of Practice and Guidance The Control of legionella bacteria in water systems”: (UK Specific but used by NDSC for guidance)

H.V.A.C. (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Department of the Environment, Ireland
Building Standards – Technical Guidance Documents:

    • Part F – Ventilation (2009)
    • Part H – Drainage and Waste Water Disposal (2010)

Commissioning Codes
There are currently seven CIBSE Commissioning Codes:

    • Code A: Air distribution systems (1996)
    • Code B: Boilers (2002)
    • Code C: Automatic controls (2001)
    • Code R: Refrigerating systems (2002)
    • Code W: Water distribution systems (1994)
    • Code M: Commissioning Management (2003)

Energy Conservation

    • Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Dwellings (2011)
    • Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Buildings Other Than Dwellings (2008)