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At Rototherm we offer a wide variety of equipment, designed specifically for the Engineering/HVAC industry.

Temperature / Pressure gauges

Both type gauges are available in a wide variety of dial sizes, dial ranges, case material, and entry level  and can be calibrated in house if required.  Depending on your application we can advise the appropriate temperature or pressure gauge for you.

Liquid Filled Gauges

Where possible gauges should be mounted away from vibration and connected by a flexible pipe. If this is impractical, liquid filled gauges can be supplied or viscous damped movements fitted.

Valves and Cocks

Gauges should usually be fitted with some sort of cock or valve as it may be necessary to remove the instrument from service while the plant is in operation, for calibration or repair. Cocks and Valves should always be opened and closed slowly to avoid sudden changes of pressure in and out of the gauges.


This thermometer kit is designed with the industrial sector in mind.  The Differential digital thermometer is idea for radiator balancing or HVAC applications as it allows the use of two type K thermocouple probes to be used simultaneously, it also has an integrated rubber seal for durability.

Legionnaires Kit

This thermometer kit can be used to monitor the temperature of both standing water and the surface of pipes and tanks that form part of the water system.  Incorrect water temperature is a major risk for the growth of legionella as this bacteria multiply in water at temperatures between 20 to 45°C.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometers  

These easy to use thermometers will take the surface temperature of any object.  Combined Infrared & problem thermometers are also available, which allow air, liquid and surface temperatures to be taken.