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Case Studies

Case Study – Food Processing – Logistics

Who: The customer is a large logistics company operating nationwide. The company operates out of a site which comprises frozen , chilled and controlled ambient storage areas for perishable food product, fruit and vegetables.


The customer needs to monitor the temperature of all storage areas to ensure that the required storage temperatures are adhered to. The customer sought advice from Rototherm in choosing and sourcing the most appropriate equipment to meet their objectives.

Effect of Challenges

Lack of appropriate temperature monitoring equipment could pose the following risks to the customer:

  •  risk to product safety and quality  if product not stored at appropriate temperatures
  • risk of non-compliance with Regulatory and Client requirements due to lack of documented temperature records as required by HACCP; FSAI; BRC etc
  • risk of increased energy costs due to incorrect use of refrigeration equipment
Rototherm’s Approach

During consultation with the customer, Rototherm determined the customer requirements relating to accuracy, ease of use, price, size, precision, mobility, technical support, calibrations. The requirement was for a reliable wireless temperature monitoring system providing tamperproof data accessible on the company’s internal network and with web access for management/staff not on site. The requirement for text alerts of alarm conditions to a variety of personnel depending on shift patterns was identified. Maintenance contract to include annual on-site calibration, preventative maintenance and remote technical support was also a requirement.

What products /services were used: Rototherm recommended

IceSpy System 5 Temperature Monitoring and Alarming system which fulfills all of the above requirements.

Maintenance Contract including Calibration, Preventative Maintenance and Remote Technical Support performed by Rototherm trained technicians underpinned by over 60 years in business and Rototherm’s  ISO9000:2008 Quality Management System

What was the outcome

Customer has the appropriate system to fulfill all of their temperature monitoring requirements.  Their Maintenance Contract provides the customer peace of mind that all activities conducted are pre-agreed and documented. Remote technical support means that the customer can run their business secure in the knowledge that any technical issues will be dealt with in an efficient, timely and friendly manner. The installation of the system provides data that enables the site manager to dramatically increase energy efficiency and maintain quality storage conditions.