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Can I use the same thermometer if taking air temperature and the temperature between packs of product?

Yes.  There are a range of thermometers available which  incorporate connectors allowing the use of  interchangeable probes for different applications.

Do I need to calibrate my Hand Held Thermometers?

You are legally required to have your thermometers/probes Recalibrated and Certified on an annual basis to comply with IS341 and HACCP.

How should I care for my thermometer?

Digital thermometers and their probes need careful handling at all times to ensure a long life and to prevent probe damage.


  • Care should be taken when disconnecting the probe from the instrument (Only applicable if probe is removable)
  • Always store your thermometer and probe in a dry,safe place
  • In the interest of hygiene, clean the probe before and after each use
  • Always use the correct probe for the type of measurement being taken


  • Never drop the instrument or lift the instrument by the lead or probe
  • Never submerge the instrument and probe in water or other liquids/solutions
  • Do not disconnect the probe from the instrument by pulling the cable (Only applicable if probe is removable)
  • Do not wrap the cable around the instrument

Is it possible to log the temperature of product whilst in transit?

Yes the temperature of product can easily be tracked with the use of data loggers, verifying that  products have been stored and transported at the correct temperatures, thus delivering quality produce to their customers.  The data receivd can be downloaded for analysis and any descrepencies noted.