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With over 60 years working with all levels of your industry we are uniquely positioned to advise you on the products and services most suitable for your particular application to ensure your company’s compliance with the regulatory requirements identified.

When the appropriate solution is identified we are in a position to work with you on it’s implementation by supplying the necessary instrumentation and services to ensure you achieve your objectives.

These are some of the products which would be considered when identifying the solution to your specific requirement.

Data Loggers – Data Loggers are electronic devices that record temperature of an environment or product in date/time/temperature format, which is available for analysis at a later stage by downloading to your PC. Data loggers have evolved and are now designed for ease of use, making temperature recording effortless. They give a true reading of temperature / humidity conditions during warehousing and transportation.

Temperature Monitoring Systems – Temperature monitoring systems assist in the regulatory compliance of HACCP and offer live, continuous monitoring, with the option of alarm alerts. The installation of a temperature monitoring system will reduce waste, improve product quality and ease regulatory compliance strain

Hand Held Thermometer – There is a wide range of hand held thermometers to choose from, from non-contact surface infra-red thermometers to digital hand held thermometers with with a variety of probes to suit all applications.