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Case Studies

Who is the customer 

The customer is a large Convenience store with a number of branches.


Each store typically has the following equipment/areas where temperature must be controlled and monitored:

  • Goods In
  • Dairy Wall
  • Cold Room
  • Walk in Freezer
  • Delicatessen – Cold Food Bar
  • Delicatessen – Hot Food Bar
  • Delicatessen Display cabinets/serveovers
Effect of Challenges

Improper storage temperature can pose the following risks in a retail site:

Food spoilage  :  Storage of perishable food products in the range 5°C to 63°C is one of the most common causes of food spoilage.   Bacterial growth occurs in the temperature range 5°C to 63°C in this temperature range bacteria can double every 20 minutes. Protein food stuffs are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Food Poisoning   :  Bacteria contaminated food can lead to food poisoning which is a potentially serious illness that can, in extreme cases, cause organ failure and even death.

To reduce these risks food safety regulations and quality systems such as HACCP require stringent attention to temperature monitoring and management which increases the workload in an already busy environment. Critical control points for temperature monitoring are highlighted for the areas in which food is

  • received  (Goods In)
  • stored (Dairy Wall/Cold Room/Walk in Freezer/Serveovers) ,
  • prepared, cooked and served  (Delicatessen Hot & Cold Food Bar)

Risk of the consequences of non-compliance with regulatory requirements  which can be as extreme as closure of premises

How did Rototherm go about it 

In consultation with the customer the options for performing the temperature checks for each group of critical control points were discussed and the solution which best matched the customer’s requirements was identified. The determining factors were based on the temperature measurement required  :

  • probing which is typically required at Goods in and in the Delicatessen Area
  • continuous monitoring which is typically required in storage units e.g. Dairy Wall, Cold Rooms, Freezers, Serveovers

Other factors taken into account were staff time involved in temperature monitoring and recording , ease of use, price, suitability to food environment and regulations of the proposed solutions. There was an identified need for technical support and ongoing calibration and repair  service for any solution considered.

What products /services were used

Rototherm recommended the following products and services :

  • Data Temperature Recorder (DTR)   for Goods In temperature checks
  • Therma 20 Thermometer Kit: for Delicatessen Hot & Cold Food Bar
  • IceSpy System 5 Automatic Continuous Temperature Monitoring System or Temperature Data loggers for storage areas Dairy Wall, Cold Rooms, Freezers, Serveovers
  • Calibration traceable to National and International standards as required by HACCP; FSAI; BRC etc.
What was the outcome 

The customer now has the appropriate equipment and resources to carry out all of the temperature checks required by HACCP and to ensure their compliance with regulatory requirements. Regulatory audits are no longer a cause for anxiety!