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Food Storage

Incorrect food storage may have disastrous effects on food product.  Proper food storage plays an important role in preventing food deterioration and ensuring food safety. Temperature is  a vital component in the management of  food storage  helping to preserve it’s appearance, pleasant aroma and texture to ensure maximum shelf life and also the prevention of food poisoning of customers.

Food Cooking

How you monitor temperatures and what you use to take the measurement depends on what you are measuring.  For example when cooking food in an oven, generally the food item is being heated from the outside and therefore the core temperature must be taken.  It may be that the item being heated has different densities and different thicknesses, which will take different times to heat.

As an example, the bones and thickness of meat in a turkey leg can be a problem and therefore the temperature probe should be inserted into the thickest part of the leg.  Similarly with joints of meat of varying thickness; the thickest part should be tested

When reheating in a micro-wave oven, the item can be heated in different areas and “hot-spots” develop. It is essential that “resting time” is allowed for in the process, to allow the heat to even out, and accurate temperatures to be taken.

Food Processing  

Correct food chain procedures are vital to ensure the end product is delivered in perfect condition to the retailer and ultimately the consumer. If the correct temperature is not maintained through out the processing and transportation of the goods, the development of toxins leading to food poisoning is possible.