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Product Deterioration

As we said in our introduction  managing the risk of product deterioration is the challenge that we can work with you on.

Temperature has a major influence on maintaining product in prime condition. The elements involved in maintaining product in peak condition are

  • Ensuring correct storage temperatures within label requirements  e.g.  “do not store over 25ºC/30 ºC/do not freeze”.
  • Providing documentary evidence to demonstrate consistent compliance with storage requirements.
How do you achieve this?
  • Documented temperature mapping studies including empty / full and seasonal
  • Documented proof that temperature monitoring system placement is based on areas of highest risk as shown by temperature mapping studies.
  • Continuous temperature records and timely alerts to temperature excursions including  CAPA
  • Certificates of Calibration

As a result of our experience in mapping and monitoring Warehouses, Cold Rooms, Freezers and in Qualifying Shippers we understand the  challenges involved in achieving the above.