Sous Vide Kit

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This simple affordable and easy to use thermometer and probe kit has been specifically designed for Sous-Vide cooking. Sous Vide cooking eliminates over-cooking & drying out of meat, delivers consistent results unlike conventiuonal ovens & grills,  keeps natural flavours, enhances taste & improves nutrition.


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Sous Vide cooking has become more popular in professional kitchens over the past few years. New cooking methods require new temperature testing techniques. Both our Sous Vide Thermometer kits are designed for this requirement. Full specification on the Therma 1 thermometer

Sous Vide Thermometer kits :

  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Simple, affordable & easy to use
  • Eliminates over-cooking & drying out of meat
  • Delivers consistent results unlike conventional ovens & grills
  • Keeps natural flavours, enhances taste & improves nutrition