Therma 22 Thermometer

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The Therma 22 hand held thermistor and thermocouple thermometer has been specifically designed for those who need the versatility of both the thermocouple and thermistor probes in one compact unit.  Please note : The Therma 22 is exclusive of probes.


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The thermistor sensor gives greater accuracy for food processing, whilst the type T thermocouple sensor extends the measurement range and provides faster response. The instrument displays temperature over the range of -39.9 to 149.9 °C (thermistor) or over the range of -199.9 to 400 °C (type T thermocouple).
Protective silicone boot : The ThermaCheck is waterproof to IP65 when used in conjunction with this boot.

• Stainless steel wall bracket and protective white silicone boot

Please note The Therma 22 is exclusive of probes and may also be purchased as part of a kit
Free traceable certificate of Calibration included