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We understand that the operation of a Retail or Community Pharmacy  is highly regulated and that patient safety and product quality is you primary concern.

Are you a Pharmacy Owner or Superintendent Pharmacist?

As the Owner or Superintendent Pharmacist , it is your responsibility to ensure that in all your processes patient safety and product quality are the main drivers.

In executing this responsibility we appreciate that you have three main challenges namely:

  • Counterfeit Product Detection
  • Accurate Dispensing
  • Product Deterioration

The area in which we can assist you is Product Deterioration where our expertise in temperature and humidity monitoring is unsurpassed.

How do we do it?

We understand that the main components in the management of temperature and humidity standards are :

  • Temperature Monitoring and Mapping of Pharmacy Refrigerators
  • Temperature/Humidity Monitoring  of Controlled Temperatue Storage and Dispensing Areas
  • Ensuring Cold Chain Maintained by checking temperature of incoming cold chain product and immediately moving this product to refrigerated storage to ensure no product degradation.
  • Calibration

Through many years of working in this area we have devised a range of solutions and services which supports the management of these critical areas.

We invite you to explore on this site the greater depth of information provided and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs.